Sunday, 27 January 2008

Describe your book?

So the other day I was at work talking to a colleague about my book at lunch and realized I had some PLOT HOLES. Much worse than potholes and far more dangerous. After having a mini-meltdown, I hit up one of my friends at work at lunch to go over my problem.

Then I had the most embarassing thing evah happen. I went to explain my book and had a total blond moment. "It's ah, this book about an ah, Indian girl. Well, half indian, Navajo to be precise, and ah," and so on.

I must have looked like a total flippin' idiot.So on the train home that night I worked on pulling out the most vital parts of my story. (I think this will come in handy for my query, but that's another post).

Now I think I would be able to bring out the best aspects and will in fact, try out my explanation again with said colleague at lunch sometime next week.

So how'd you describe your book? 

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Heidi the Hick said...

How do I describe my book? Oh boy.

Two teenage girls raised in the Mennonite church but not old order are really having a hard time getting over a friend's suicide and questioning everything they thought they knew, and getting in with some unsavoury boyfriends who probably are not very good for them, and then things get really scary and they have to decide how far they're going to take this whole rebellion thing.


It's ridiculously difficult to boil a whole book into "What it's About."

( long ya been lurking???"

Great blog- LOVE your suede cat!