Friday, 18 January 2008

Goals for 2008


Sticky subject, goals. Especially when there are other goals you make when you're making your writing goals, then figure out your writing trumps all of it in terms of time. So you curse yourself for being a person that's well-rounded and throw everything out but the writing.

So I've had to rewrite my goals. It went from a multiple, across-the-board sort of thing into an obsessive hole.

- write book, edit book, publish book.
- queries, synopses and agents oh my.
- flute playing, chamber group creating.
- get a good handle on the day job.
- work on family creation.
- etc etc etc.

I was so well-rounded.

- Detailed timeline by end of January. (CHECK)
- 2 chapters a week.
- First half of first draft done in first quarter.
- Second half in second quarter.
- Agent research in first quarter.
- Query letter creation in first and second quarter.
- Let first draft sit for first two months of third quarter.
- Write up non-fiction proposal for polo book in third quarter. 'Cause I'm insane.
- Synopsis in third quarter.
- Substantial editing in third month of third quarter.
- Give to beta readers in fourth quarter.
- FIRST QUERY OUT OH MY GOODNESS on 1 December, 2008.
- Rock that baby like a madwoman and get representation. This partmight take some time.

Er...the rest of that other stuff? THROWN OUT THE DOOR.

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