Thursday, 17 January 2008

My background

I have the perfect credentials - one would think I would be a great writer.

- I've a Journalism and PR degree (good for publicity!!)
- I'm a Tech Writer and Copywriter by day
- I have over 12 years' professional writing experience

And I still come back for more. You could say writing and me goddahistory.

My first book was in the 6th grade. I even remember the title: ABC with You and Me.

Original, eh?

I can remember the entire process. I came up with the concept, wrote it out longhand, sweet-talked the typing teacher into borrowing her typewriter after school, laboriously typed it out (Iwas *so* not a typer at that time) researched the pics and drew them (all animals, oi) and even didn't colour them in.

I figured I would let the publisher do that. Magnanimous, wasn't I?

I then searched through all my books and found two addresses. I got one of the kids at school to buy me some stamps, and I sent two copies out (after talking the principal into letting me make a copy). I was quite a persuasive young lady.

Anyway, about 12 months later I got a "No thanks". It was really great of them - I hadn't sent an SASE or anything. Not even a letter.

My second book was in 10th grade, I think? About a girl that was supposed to get married but ran away. And had a ferret that could talk to her. Had to save the world. Serious fantasy.

At that time, I was rockin' the "I'm-a-writer-I-have-angst" deal. Itook that book everywhere with me, (even to skiing holiday) but somewhere, somehow, it fizzled out.

The third was a YA about a bullfighting horse. I still love him and the story, but I was too much of a heifer to cut it down. I still might do something with it. But after.

I am normally quite a non-egotistical person. Real unassuming, I am.But let me tell you: My present WIP is a seven-book cycle that simply rocks my world. And so.

I shall be a published writer if it kills me.

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Jodie said...

And so you shall. I can feel it.