Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Patry Francis

Every so often, you read about a level of support for someone that makes you cry. Then you want to join in the game and help too. Even if you live halfway around the world.

For you exact two people out there that read this blog, I'm posting this for you. ;)

A debut author, Patry Francis, managed to get her novel published against all odds - and let me tell you, they are some odds - and then found out she had an extremely aggressive form of cancer. She can't do a book tour, so all the book bloggers (authors, etc) are chipping in to support her book and make a blog tour for her. I've been over to her blog and she just seems so great.

This is a good summary. Here's the info on how it all came about. This is the author's great blog.

It sounds like a great book, and I'm planning on buying it, even if it's not the sort I usually read.

Pass the word!



3 people!


We gotta get it to best seller eh?

JKB said...

I'm all a-twitter.

Howdy! ;) I recognize your pic from Heidi's blog.

I've bought two copies, and plan to buy more in German. How about you??