Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Plotter or panter??

What do I mean?

Are you a plotter or a panter ("Fly by the seat of your pants) kind of writer?

I am firmly in the plotting category. I managed to get through the first two books of my life in the panter arena; however, they were heifers to produce and frankly, eh.

Then I found the plot idea somehow, and man did my life change.

Right now, for my DoA WIP, I've got 6 pages (long not tall) written out by the timeline of my main protagonist, Mira. All my other characters (if they say or do anything) are arrowed in and have their own special place on this timeline around her.

Plotting, for me, doesn't necessarily mean that nothing else comes up. Au contraire - it just means that for me, I have the main ideas and timeline down, knowing where characters come in, where to start building beforehand, etc., to save on sanity.

It must be working - I'm 2/3 done after two months of proper writing, and so far so good. But I do love this WIP. Love it.


((The catz are gonna be throwin' a kegger about a week in probs...come by if you want!))

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