Thursday, 24 January 2008

Stephen King

I've got a confession to make. I'm a total flippin' weenie. I cannot stand scary movies or books.

I am terrified of vampires in particular. (Side note: I have had this dream since I was five years old about being chased through a big old mansion by a vampire. Since I was five. I don't know where I got it)

So I've never really gotten into Stephen King. Aka "King of Horror". No thanks.

But lately, I've been discovering dude isn't so bad after all...I just (my Christmas present to myself) bought "On Writing" his non-fiction title; half-memoir, half how-to, I adored every bit of it.

I've discovered I really like his writing style.

SO. Even though I'm a weenie and a sissy and all that, I'm going to buy his newest book Duma Key and check it out. Then, depending on that, I'll get some others.

So maybe I'll become a King fan. How ironic. 

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JenWriter said...

I love his "On Writing" book. It has a lot of great advice in there for aspiring writers. I love reading what successful writers have to say because you know they are doing something right.