Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Who am I?

A writer with a vision.

Why another blog?

I've written three books and learned from each, and I'm to a point with my present WIP that I can't deny it any longer. This book has become the obsession of my life, and it Will. Be. Published.

This I know.

What is different about this blog?

There are lots of blogs out there, and a few I've found I really like.

I feel like I want to have a blog that documents my process with this book. I want to have the history of it when I turn it over to an agent. I want to be able to reread the agony of a part that didn't flow; feel again the faith I had in myself to see it published.

I also wanted to provide a place where the best information on the internet is distilled. Want info on Query letters? mmmhkay. Synopses?All-righty, then.

I want other novelists to have a place to go that has everything linked up and tidy. I like tidy.

So...tell me about you.

Here's mine:
- I have two hairless cats.
- I have a great supportive husband.
- I have ADHD, which is perfect for a writer.

1 comment:

Jodie said...

I think this blog is a great idea!
Me: Old, homemaker, 4 kids, 1 hamster, no discernable goals or plans. Don't I sound like a great catch?! Good thing I'm already married. But I am editing (slowly) my friend's book, and do I hope to take some classes soon.