Saturday, 2 February 2008

'Cause they darn cute and it's Saturday

I am a big old huge sucker for my boy catz. We have two; both boys, both Sphynx, from a friend of mine in Czech that breeds just beautiful cats. 

(We totally got the best two she's ever bred, but anyway). 
The Black cat is mine, and the Blue cat is the hubs. But both go between us for different things. 
The Black cat is the party-boy - he's got to be in whatever you're doing - helping. He helps me cook, clean, make coffee, put my makeup on, everything. He is particularly fond of sitting on my shoulder and going with me outside, downstairs, etc. He's not *such* a talker, though. He offers his opinions in a short, intimate mraow, and doesn't mind if you don't take him up on it.
The Blue cat came to us from a previously-abusive home. It took him forever to finally calm down enough to want to play, but lately he's really been a feisty wee thing. I love them both, but it melts my heart when the Blue cat goes to hubs and sits right under his shoulder, purring. He's the talker. And he has a set of lungs on him. I think somewhere, back there, he's got some Oriental or Siamese, because *man* can the cat say something. It echoes through the house.
I think I'll make Saturdays my official "boyz day" just because they are so darn cute and such great literary helpers. 

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ash said...

I love them :)