Thursday, 7 February 2008

Dear Characters,

Hi, it's me. You know, your writer-enabler. We're gonna talk today about a little, shall we say not problem, but rather a situation. 

I really appreciate your efforts to enter my story and improve it. I really do. But some of ya'll need to step back (I'm talking to you, Aphrodite) and let me get to it slowly. Everyone wanting to enter it all at once where they determine they should be is giving me a big fat headache. 

You know that old saying, the writer never writes the story, the story writes the story? I have never had it be so true as this book. 

You too, Zeus. Stand back dude. We're getting there.


Heidi the Hick said...

Gah!!!! I know!!!!

I had to have a serious talk with my hero-villain. I promised him a book of his own and then we were all cool. pesky characters.

JKB said...

Doesn't it drive you NUTS! Holy cow, I can't get the story without some Greek god bullying their way in, or another minor character taking the bit between their teeth.

It's amazing. But I kind of like it. ;))))

Congrats to Jethro!!!