Thursday, 21 February 2008


This is distinctly non-book related. 

Kind of. 

I am fighting a mothah of a head cold. Mothah. I'm not the only one fighting it, seems like the entire family and half my workplace has it. 

The irony? 

I can't stay home because my new boss is there and I'm likin' making a good impression. The horror. 

The other irony? 

Whilst in the midst of a fevered half-dream today on the train I had an awesome idea (yeah, I was writing. Yeah, I had a fever.) and just made that part of the book even cooler than it was. 

What am I doing this weekend? 

Letting the hubs take care of me while I write in bed. 

Never has being sick worked so fabulously well. 

1 comment:

zmq said...

aww, can I bring something tomorrow to make you get better?

maybe fever is at least good for your fiction :).