Monday, 11 February 2008

Goals Monday

Well, I did pretty good on my goals from last week, although I have a meltdown thinking about that bloody synopsis. So:
I'm currently at 26 chapters, by my reckoning, a little shy of half-through. Going very well, although I find I'm getting sidetracked by new characters and situations. I'm writing it all down, though...if it's good, it'll stay in. But this part is really magical for me, so I'm having a great time writing it.
Enough procrastinating. Here are this week's goals:
- another at least 5 chapters. (I'm equalling about 1.5 chapters a day, which is good)
- a new query letter
- the blo*dy agent list.
I'm going to consider the weekends after to be included in the goals...I find I seem to slack off a little on the weekends, doing more research or review of written stuff. So I might consider using weekends for things like agent stuff, and the synopsis and everything. At least that is what I'm considering at the present time. 

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