Friday, 22 February 2008

Status Friday - on Friday!


How's writing?

I'm on Chapter 38! So in saying, I have kicked the tail off my goal for this week. I would wax eloquent about my goal-making and achieving skills, but I know it's all BS - I was at a really intense part and just couldn't stop. 


But to say, I made my goal feels good. 

The other goal? Er, no. Synopsis kick my tail. I'm going to have to read more about them. I think I'm getting together a nice link list for one next week, I might actually make that a goal. Just get all the info in one spot, you know?

But the book goes well. I have no problems! All is intense! Right now I have a tree naiad that doesn't seem to want to leaf the story but we're totally getting there!

And I've checked with half my contacts about my USA visit and all is GO! So lots of energy over here, even if I AM sick. 

Peace out! 

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