Sunday, 17 February 2008

Status Friday - or should that be Sunday?

I have been bad. This week was so flippin' full of regular work that I didn't have a moment's time to myself. I appear to be coming down with a bad cold, which is BAD because we plan to go to the US for a two week holiday (Where are you located? email me, maybe we'll meet up!) in two weeks, and I can't be sick. So no working out, no nothing, before that time. And plenty of fruits. No getting sick before my holiday! No no no!

So! This week was very fruitful, and I came to a lot of nice decisions. 

- I got 7 chapters done of my lovely, lovely book. I am now almost officially half-finished. I am on chapter 30. I'm researching aspects of Chapter 30 today, which is why I'm updating now. I'm procrastinating. ;)

- No agent stuff done. I had been writing them all out on postcards, but you know what? In two weeks I'll have Gunther, which will have a handy writing application called Scrivener that allows me to create little virtual postcards and arrange them. Thus, manually writing all this crap out makes no sense whatsoever. 

New plan for agents: wait for another two weeks, until I've got little Gunthy, then load Scrivener and use that for my agents. I have the Publishers Marketplace membership now; I will have it in three weeks; so...this is the way it's gonna be. 

- New query letter - CHECK! I am actually really happy about this one too. It seems the more I practice on the letters, and the farther into the story I get, the better I get the voice down. I'm getting good.

That's it! How was your week?

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Heidi the Hick said...

It's so good to hear how your progress is coming along. You're on the right track!!

I've got a disorganized mess of an agent list. I'll get it together this week. Life's a bit of a mess here too, but I don't have to use it as an excuse.

What's really good to hear is that you love your book. You've gotta love it first. So simple, but so important!

Keep it up!!!!