Friday, 8 February 2008

Status Friday

The book is totally chugging away right now. This afternoon in the train I passed the 25th chapter, and I'm well into a very challenging part. I'm really liking it though. I had no idea Theseus was so grand. ;)

I didn't manage to get shizzle accomplished on the agents, despite thinking about it halfway through the week. This was a very, very busy week at work and I had tons tons tons to do, so I'm not kicking myself so hard. Next week will simmer down and I won't be going somewhere every night (I was quite the social butterfly this week) so I can get stuff done. 

Otherwise...I thought about another query angle and started to look into Synopses. Then had a panic attack about said Synopses and tried to look away from them. LOL

You have a good synopsis you wanna share??

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Heidi the Hick said...

Oh dear, I'm still struggling with the whole synopsis thing. That was harder than writing the whole darn book three times!

BUT it can be done. Keep your voice in it. And get to what it's about. That's my half baked advice, for what it's worth!