Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Big post

Life! Argh! Work! Cats! JEEZ! Family! Fit fit fit fit Stress! Irritation! Nothing good to eat! fit fit fit fit I'm Behind! Too much to do! fit fit fit fit fit I WANT SUGAR! fit fit fit fit I can't get all this crap done! I want my BOOK! Friends! Where's mah HUBS! What IS this for weather! Crikey! fit fit fit fit fit -- Oh WTH -- fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

I'm trying to determine if the massive amount of things I am doing right now are important both inside and outside my head. Today I am making my list of everything and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. I have lots of blogs where I read about them writing with their kids and all I can say is, OMG you guys are massive good. All I have is a full time (plus) job, a husband and two cats, not to mention just wanting to stay in some sort of banging shape and still want to hang out with my friends even just SOMETIMES and well, household stuff and planning furniture to buy and holy crap it ALL IS GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY WRITING.

Doods, all I want to do right now is write on my frakking book (shoutout to all the Battlestar Galactica fans out there! W00T!).

Is this what it's like to be addicted? I need mah DRUGZ!

*deep breath*
Plus I have this insidious little voice in the back of my head. The next book is letting itself be known to me. In a rather irritating fashion I might add. It is nice but irritating. Irritating.

Get out of my head, book.

It needs to shut the heck up right now (stern look in the mirror at the head that is TOO FULL) so that I can finish typing this (bad word) MS into my darling Gunther so I can start oh, I don't know, WRITING AGAIN! On the PRESENT BOOK! Harrow! My emotional even keel is dependent upon writing. I have, as they say, figured it out.

Okay. I have taken some time to meditate and talk to my good buddy Ganesha.
I will do the following:

- have one coke and one chocolate bar as emergency emotional measures.

- I will also run later.


Now, I will do the following concerning my writing:

- I will devote the morning train ride to NEW material.
That is to say, I shall start off TONIGHT (I had to) with where I left off writing during the holiday. I shall begin with the chapter number I left off writing in the holiday.

- I will devote the evening train ride to OLD material.
That is to say, what I have (up until Gunther) written into the fabulous notebook will be typed in the evening when my brain is fried from work.

- I will type in my queries into a new file on Gunther so I can review them all and have them in one spot.

- I will get some highlighters and review the Agent list when the book comes at night before I go to sleep.

- I will set the synopsis ruminations to ON in my poor overloaded brain so that when it comes time I won't have a meltdown.

- I will NOT panic that I am getting nowhere fast with my book, as I now have the five handy-dandy items above this list item here to ensure I do get somewhere.

*Deep sigh*

I have to figure out what to do about all the other stuff. I will think on it. (Other stuff includes every thing not writing related. Not including the hubs or the catz. But everything else).

I feel like my mind is trying to escape through every hole I've got in my head right now. Not good.


zmq said...

you achieve MUCH more than I do, although I'm a student with 12h/week of work only ... so be happy and proud of yourself, will ya? :)

oh, and something that just came to my mind: remember to backup!

Heidi the Hick said...

this all sounds absolutely normal to me!

My head is a boiling mess too. I don't think you should really worry unless you're losing sleep. A head full of stuff feeds your creativity and gives you stories to work on.

Of course you really shouldn't take my advice cuz i'm kinda mental and I do lose sleep!!!!

the point is, you're working. More power to you! and peace. I wish you peace.

JKB said...

Thanks for the peace wishes, Heidi. Now get the unicorns to give me back the information I posted on your blog. :)

Zebragirl, you bring up an entirely intelligent, salient point. Backing up. This weekend I shall buy my very first USB stick (although I dunno if Ill name it) to back up my stuff......Thanks for the reminder!