Monday, 24 March 2008

Fallen, but I can get up

Hey guys. How was your holiday?

Due to blatant laziness and still trying to get the body back on a Germany working schedule, I didn't manage to get much typed in. Now granted, when I started this weekend I was on like Chapter 3, and now I'm on Chapter 13, but still. I wanted to get the entire thing typed in. *stamps feet*

I started off with the notebooks, thinking optimistically I'd manage to get everything put in over the four day weekend. Wrong. I find myself expanding certain areas, which ticks me off. Even reading the parts I wrote less than three months ago, I'm finding things I want to add. 

So I've decided to put these additions in the note feature on every chapter (Seriously, Scrivener is GREAT) and deal with it when I go through a second time. By then I'll have even longer in between, and thus should (technically) be able to find everything I've let out. 

I have, however, made my beta readers list, which is satisfactory. I've got a good mix. Yay!

And I ordered the UK book for agents, the Writers Book 2008, and will buy some highlighters to go through it when it arrives. I'm hitting up British Agents first, as well, they are closer. Then I'll do the US ones. 

I'm out! Back to typing. *starts to twitch*

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