Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Goals on Wednesday - oops!

Well, I"m back and have been trying to get the story typed into Gunther. I hope to get a large majority of it, if not all of it, typed in by Saturday. Friday and Monday are holidays here, and not so much to do at Haus Tell it, so I'm hoping to accomplish:

the entire book typed in by Saturday evening. 

I can say, though, it's hard typing it in and not editing it as I go. I'm mostly successful, but I've got to admit to some word changes as I go.

I'm only human, after all. 

I'm also using this program called Scrivener? Let me plug it shamelessly. It's great. I am also planning on putting my agent list into Scrivener, as they hae this handy-dandy postcard function that I think will work wonderfully with what I am doing; namely gathering all sorts of info on the agents I like. 

We'll see how that goes now.

Okay, back to work. 

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