Friday, 28 March 2008

Goals roundup

I'm happy to say that things seem to be getting calmer in the Tell it household. Moderately good news on a highly stressful personal matter as well as sitting down and making a list...everything seemed to calm down.

- I've got 27K + words typed in right now. I am 1/2 finished with the story I've got written down at this point.

- I started writing again TONIGHT on the way home. That is nice too.

- I got the Writers Book 2008 and last night while watching South Park, I picked out all the UK agents that do fantasy. (There aren't soo many, fyi).

- I have figured out a way of tracking the 100 top agents that do fantasy online through Publisher's Marketplace, and will use that to make my Christmas list there.

- A friend of mine is bringing me back UK stamps for my snail mail queries. I shall stick these with my US stamps for snail mail queries. I am now prepared stamp-wise!
Have a great weekend!

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