Monday, 17 March 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Hey, everybody! 

We're back! 

And barring some small complications, in one piece! With my darling Gunther in tow!!!!

I am a completely happy mensch about that. 

I plan to do a couple special posts about our America trip, which will encompass:
- my feelings and impressions on returning to the US after a 5 year absense - i.e., what changed? What didn't?
- pictures of my darling, darling Gunther and his monster laptop cover!

Holiday general: was really nice. I managed to get to the pueblos (where DoA begins!) and see it, which was great. I managed to rethink certain parts, get the ending all figured out, and decide I need to rewrite the first chapter, which was good. I've already started entering info into my writing program (check out Scrivener if you have a Mac! So great!) and my goal this next week is to get it all typed into Gunther.

Since I've managed to mostly figure out where I go for 'til the end of the book, and I need to get it into Gunther, so it works. 

More later!

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Heidi the Hick said...

Well hello! Most people need a vacation from vacation but you sound ready to get back to work!