Friday, 21 March 2008

Ze effect of wine upon a writer...

Well, let me say. 

The hubs and I have polished off a bottle of red wine. (Not the best red wine he says, but I'm no judge.)

I have been a teetotaller my entire life, really. Never got into it. 

But having this last holiday, suddenly I can get the concept of simply enjoying something (have I ever mentioned I grew up in the middle of the Bible belt? We got guilt for EVERYTHING). 

I also like Caramel macchiatos now. 

With cinnamon. 

I know this is not very writer-related, but can I say I like this sparkly floaty feeling? 

If I don't do it too much, that is. 

But I like it.

And now I go back to typing my manuscript into Gunther. 

Which is a pain in the rear because OMG, I filled two entire notebooks. 

Not smart when it comes to typing it in. 


Enjoy your night.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

This sounds like my perfect Friday night. You're just a few hours ahead of me!

Do you really write in a notebook??? I have always typed on the computer because I can type so much faster than write and I figured it skipped a step, but lately I've been writing in a notebook because I'm writing things out of order, in the little scenes as they come to me. I love the feel of the pen across the paper... simple joys.

Happy weekend (and Happy Easter!)