Monday, 14 April 2008

Goals Monday

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. My goals for this week are:

- 1.5 chapters daily written. That equals out to around 2,500-3,000 words a day. Pretty achievable. 
- Get first 50 agents chosen for US submitting. I want to be able to really research them and place them in a favorite order. I plan on submitting 5 at a time, emails first then snail mails, to see how my query is taken. 
- I look for my first draft to be finished by the end of this month. PSYCHO!! 30 April - finito

Once I get the first draft done (in April) I plan on: 
- buying a *nice* bottle of wine and celebrating with der Hubs
- Letting the story rest for the month of May with no peeps, honest. 
- During that month I will begin the new one that has been bugging me...the one that won the brain war (More on this later)
- Print and read off/through the story/copyediting in June
- To Beta readers in July.

I will also start querying in July. I fall down with amazement. The time is coming when I say I have finished my fourth* book!

*The one that will be published. Yes, that book. It is exciting.


JenWriter said...

Here's a wild thought I've just had. How about the first batch of agents you query not be the top five? Maybe query your second choice five first. Why? To test out the query letter. If you get no bites with the second tier, then you know you might need to work on the query letter. Then, when the top tier gets your query, it will be even better. Or if you do get a lot of bites, send out the query as it is.

What do you think? I think I'm going to do this for mine.

JKB said...

That is actually a brilliant idea. I think I'll try it too.

;) I saw that you are well on your way, with over 27k the last time. How is it coming along?