Wednesday, 23 April 2008

my little cat is back...

Although he is greatly reduced. 

I was with him today at the cat cardiologist. It turns out he does indeed have HCM, enlarged heart, a third capillary, and a nasty elevated heartbeat. 

It could have been worse, though...he could not have pulled through. But he did. And now he has beta blockers and dieuretics to take, and lo
ts of doctors appointments. We don't know how long he has; my cat cardiologist referred to him as my "hairless ticking time bomb."

But I just thank whatever powers are there that my little cat is back by my side, hold him tight to my heart, and give him kisses. Even if for only a little while. 

It's becoming a little more personal blog, but that's okay, I reckon. He IS in my book though, the sidekick given to the heroine. The one with the mind of his own...his voice really comes through. :)

Thank you all for your great hopes and thoughts about my boy. He means more to me than almost anything in my life, excluding the hubs (and dare I say it, the book?), and that is saying quite a bit. I do adore him. 

Him helping cook. 



Heidi said...

I'm so sorry your cat is so sick, and so glad you have at least a little more time, and hope for more after that.

My heart completely goes out to you. I have been there. Animals completely steal your heart, and you never really get it back.

Debbi said...

Ahh, I feel so bad. My heart goes out to the both of you. But, he could rally back.