Monday, 28 April 2008

So, tomorrow back to our regularly scheduled...


Over the weekend we had our other Sphynx boy at the vet, and the vet said (after hearing, xray, etc) "You don't want to hear this...but he has it too." 

So isn't that great? A matched pair of enlarged hearts for our poor poor kittehs. Evidently his is not so bad which is great, but still. He's on the medicine same as my little cat, and he gets to ride in the car and everything to go to the big fancy cat cardiologist as well. I'd already changed around a big part of their diets over the week, taking out anything I considered too high in salt (goodbye, soft food and store-bought biscuits) and making my own for them. The first couple days they looked at me like I was nuts but they are doing much better now with it.  

But the most important thing is they are both alive. And going to stay that way as long as I can have it. 

So, about the book...poor thing kind of fell by the wayside last week in all the stress and fuss, but I thought about it occassionally and did those things I listed on Friday. I have everything all planned out in my head and will try to see how far I can get to the end by Wednesday. I have Thursday off here in Germany for May Day and so will work on it on that day if not finished. 

I'm right at the end! 


Heidi said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have two sick cats, but glad that they seem to be doing a bit better. It's great when you have a little bit of control over making their lives longer, eh?

As for the book, congrats on being at the end! It is the hardest and easiest part all at the same time.

My advice: savor it. It's a glorious, and surreal, feeling to put those last words on the page and look at them and think, "I think that's it. I think that's the end." And then suddenly to know it is.

Have so much fun finishing it and querying it! And don't forget to toast to yourself!

JKB said...

I won't forget - we are getting a nice set of deck chairs and a table for our deck and will drink WINE on the night it is finished! YAY!!

Which should be frankly any moment now. I will miss them, but Mira has about six more adventures in her, if not seven, so I'm content. But thanks!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh man, that is awful. Is this common in Sphynx cats?

KNowing what's wrong and finding ways to treat it and manage it can really go a long way. You're a caring cat person. It really matters.

Your book will get done. You seem like a person who doesn't give up easily and that will do you a lot of good!

JKB said...

Hey Heidi, your horses fill me with longing. I need more of those posts. :)

Unfortunately this is extremely common in the Sphynx. It originally comes from the Devon Rex lines they used to expand the gene pool. Breeders are not honest and thus...this. My vet was astounded, he couldn't believe I had TWO. LOL.

They are doing slowly better and I love them more than almost anything. I will MAKE them better. heh heh.

It's very nice of you to say that about I seem to get things done. That is such a nice thing to say. I would say, I get things done that I want to get done. LOL. My procrastination at work sometimes takes drastic measures to get under control.

But thankfully my multiple personalities seem to get along well, so I can.

Thank you again. More horse pics!!!