Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sometimes, life gets in the way...

So lately I can't stay healthy for shizzle. I am suffering from an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that we were using to control my horrid ear infection of last week. I am talking bad reaction...I find it so frustrating to finally get better *like on monday* and feel so positive and then vomit in the taxi cab. 

Yes, this was so embarrassing. And other embarrassing things, but I so won't go there. 

So frustrating, the last two weeks I haven't managed to do much at all on the book, which is so flipping irritating I can't stand it. Plus considering I am written off sick at home when there are things at work also going wanting...I am highly frustrated. I work as a Tech Writer at the day job (you see, I write and I write and I write) and I'm the only one that can get this stuff done. 

Just like the book. 

So bear with me here, my torso is a knot of pain and I am deeply unhappy that I can't write or work. 


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