Thursday, 24 April 2008

We're going the gourmet route...

First off: 

He's doing better! That's right, he seems to be more alive today. He's just ran through the kitchen after Blue Boy and they seem to be getting back into the swing. So the meds must be helping. 

*does happy dance*

After a lot of thought and talk with a nice expert (and the hubs) I'm gonna start cooking their soft food now. They always have a nice fancy cat food that is dry available, but they normally get some soft food for breakfast. I won't say which kind, it will incriminate me. So I am cooking them fancy food. For instance, I have just finished up a lovely catsuppe out of hamburger meat (from the butcher so you know it's good), flaxseed, a real marrow bone (and scraped it out EW that was nassssty), some carrots, peas and rice for flavor, and thassit. 

Evidently we must endeavor to feed him a low salt diet and hey, it's not gonna hurt Blue to have the same thing. So now the boyz get the ultra-cool food. And because my little cat takes dieuretics (sp?) now, we are getting a cat water fountain for crispy fresh water. Nothing too bizarre for my little cat and Bluesey. 

Man that scraping out the marrow thing was gross. 

I have also finished edits on my query letter. Last weekend (before this debacle) the hubs went through it and ripped me a new one. I took his advice and rewrote one, and updated my favorite. I do love the favorite one, but the new one is nice too. I also finished a big chapter. I have to do some reading before I start the next and final bit. Never fear, though, I have six days left. Maybe I can still do it. 

I wasn't even able to concentrate until today. On anything. 

But now we're all better.


Heidi the Hick said...

My neighbour friend has been making her own cat food for years. Her male cat has had recurring cystitis (very common on neutered males; our guy had it too long ago) and eating raw meat really helps with it.

It makes sense. Our barn cat was neutered too, but had lots of nice warm fresh mice to eat. Never had a problem.

We'll do things like this for our critters, eh? They give us so much...

Rising Rainbow said...

I have both of my cats on diets. They are not happy with me and my attempts to keep them healthy. lol

JKB said...

Well I cooked them some nice stuff last night, but my Sphynx expert-o said they have to have raw. So they'll finish this that I made and next week start with the raw...I don't even want to think what looks I'll get when I plunk that down in the mornings. LOL

I tell you, the experience between dogs and cats is so different. I always had sighthounds, maybe that's part of it, but these guys are so interactive. MAN.

And we've decided to get a new kitten to hedge our the event something happens to my little cat Blue Boy won't go off the deep end. It can't be a Sphynx now, though...I'm thinking maybe a Cornish Rex.