Sunday, 4 May 2008


So here it is, Sunday, and my massive book is finished. First draft clocks out at 84K, which isn't that bad. I anticipate probably adding some more to some areas, but I have a firm plan:

1. The MS will sit on Gunther my laptop while I start the next book. It'll languish for three weeks, until the 22 of May. I've taken a four day weekend to read through it and edit like mad, that weekend is writing weekend. 

2. In the meantime I shall narrow my agents down. I have a great query letter and also my synop is very tight. 

3. I'm starting slowly on the new WIP. Today I read a book for background. This book looks like it'll be in first person, so I have to think about how to do that. I've not ever done that before. 

So there I am! I feel a little sad that it's no longer on my brain every day but I will try not to think about it at all for the next three weeks. After that, it's on. 

My goal is to be sending out the first queries the first week of June. I have to see how quick my beta readers are, though. 

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Heidi said...

I think it's really smart to leave it for a while. And do really leave it... don't even sneak a peak. That way, when you come back to it, it's fresh.

The fun part begins now! I couldn't wait to start querying. A few contacted me almost immediately. Some haven't written back yet, and it's been three months. But just picking out the agents and hitting the send button made me giddy. Enjoy the feeling of it. Savor it.

And most of all, CONGRATULATIONS!