Friday, 2 May 2008



(What do I do now?)


zmq said...

have a party!

maaaan, I'm sooo excited.

Heidi the Hick said...

Listen to me, because I've done this before. I'm not published -yet- but I've finished a book once or four times.

You have to set it aside for a time.

You can print it up if you want, then stash it in a drawer or on a shelf. Get it into your head that it has to simmer. Or, rise like a loaf of bread. Or something food related, haha.

Some people say 6 weeks, and that worked for me, but you decide.

The reason is that you have to let your brain move on, so that after the time is up you can read it with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, you get working on something else. Start your next book, write a short story or five, or like, clean up your desk!

Be prepared for shock when you read it. You'll likely be both appalled and thrilled.

Almost forgot:

GIVE YOURSELF A HUGE PAT ON THE BACK! Celebrate! You have just done something that so many talk about but few achieve! YOU ROCK!

JKB said...

Thanks man!

I am just now coming down to earth. I can't believe I finished it!

Heidi said...

a glass of champagne works for me! In fact, I'll toast to you from here!

JenWriter said...

Awesome! Good job! That's quite an accomplishment.