Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hurry up and wait

So here it is, Tuesday. I have attempted to create a more "normal" way of life for myself...i.e., sitting out on the balcony (pretty!), running and biking (healthy!) and eating McDonalds (soulfood!) I promised my hubs to become a little more balanced and thought in this inbetween time I could make it a habit. 


I know I have to do it, and probably I should be liking it even. 


Crap it all, I just want to edit my frakking book and send the puppy out. I want to get some partial requests, and then some full requests, and when it's my time, that all important "do you wanna go together" question. Jeez. 

Instead, I'm chilling, waiting through these terribly long days, and thinking about the new book. I'm taking the internet's advice...starting NOT on the second book in the series, but instead, with a completely separate idea. I already love it -- it's no crazy convoluted thing like my DoA, but a heart thing. Think Rascal, but with a possum. 

Whenever I get antsy I long for the flat treeless plains of Oklahoma. I grew up there, wild on the back of a spotted pony, and even though my childhood had some pretty horrible demons I sure did love that farm. It's sold now, gone, but every time I'm in the US I must drive by it. The Jose tall wheat grass, the small creek that gambols through old cottonwoods...it is a slice of heaven for me. 

If I ever get this book thing really rolling, hubs has promised me that I can get a small farm in Sweden. I'd love a little rocky outcrop, down in Gothenburg-land...full of pines that whip in the wind and gigantic deer that travel silently through the hills. It's the only other place (besides for Australia, but that's another story) where the wildness meets my soul in the right way. 

Oh, I guess I'm just maudlin. Come on, 22nd!!!

(PS - I start the new WIP tomorrow morning)

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cindy said...

thank you for sharing your dream with us. i didn't realize there was advice on which second book to start. i don't have a fleshed out idea for the sequel, much less *another* idea. but i can't move forward yet with peace of mind.

too much turmoil during the sub process. the best of luck to you!