Saturday, 31 May 2008

Indecently excited - INDECENTLY

So yeah, I'm so excited about something I can't stand still. As of yesterday, three outstanding writers (and myself) have created ourselves a serious critique group. Our name? 

Four Corners. 

Totally makes sense too, because we're scattered all over, world-wise. SO NEAT. 

How absolutely amazingly awesome is that. These three writers are so individually talented and unique it isn't even funny. I mean, come ON! What kind of odds is that? That three so separate and amazing people that write because they believe in it and want to make it happen get together with me and we will critique each others' stuff? It will be so nice having a "real" critique group. I've had stumbles on writer's groups before, but I have the best best feeling about this one evah. 

So that's why I'm singing today. 

Hope your weekend is as good!


cindy said...

hurrah! congrats on forming a crit group! you're really on your way now! AND...*sprinkles lucky dust****sprinkle***sprinkle*** =D

Debbi said...

That sounds wonderful! Let me know how it goes.

Heidi the Hick said...


Nah, not indecent at all, considering our collective awesomeness!


(This is the internet at its best, isn't it?)

Heidi said...

Woo Hoo!!! One day we'll descend upon some poor city and have a collective book signing! Won't that be the day!

I'm high as a kite myself. Yay for us, and yay for you for taking my plea and running with it!

JKB said...

This is so exciting. I tell everyone I meet STILL about it. And it is so cool...I will share Cindy's lucky dust with you cool!