Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Well...I'll be darned

3* years ago on a windswept plain a little girl was born, to a mother whose grandmother gave up her tribe for love and whose grandfather's great great great great whatsit was Thomas Oxford, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Her father's claim to fame was being the oldest of five and having the last name of somebody that sounded like a terrorist. *Sigh* Those Irish, really.

This little girl grew up on the back of a spotted pony, with raccoons and skunks and possums as her boon companions. Two dogs were her best friends, and her pony was traded out over the years for other castoffs, but always fresh, and new to her. 

This little girl always stumbled with people, but with animals and words she never did wrong...or when she did, she learned better. Slowly the people gained prominence and she left her beloved plains, ending up, of all places, in Germany - not a very plains-like place. Far far away from her animals, and alone-ness, to today.

So here it is, happy birthday to me. 

So many things have happened to me that I never thought would happen ... surviving abuse,  accepting and yes, even relishing my Oklahoma roots and individual story, finding a man that loved me, just me, getting married to said man and living in Germany, of all places, discovering that really, I'm a cat person, and not even a hairy cat person but a hairless cat person, finally writing my books that fill me up with the giddiest expectations of their reach and power. 

So why not add something to the pot of "never thought would happens"? This year I want that never thought to be an agent signing me. And everything that goes with it. The whole shebang.

So you hear me, birthday cake that doesn't happen in Germany? I'm blowing out my candle and thinking of my wish. 


Debbi said...

Happy Birthday Hon. I hope it was a wonderful one. And wish for all of your wishes to come true.

I don't have any hairless cats. But I'm looking at five little less than 48 hours old kittens sleeping in a box with there mama next to my bed. I'll take some pics of them tomorrow. So cute. One gray stripped, one black and white, that looks just like her mama, and three black/white/gray/orange. They look like they hair flames. lol. Really sweet.

Happy Birthday Jen.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh, happy birthday to you.

What a life you've lived so far, and isn't it amazing where your life will take you?

I wish you all the best!!!

Next time I see my little spotted horses I will give each of them an extra hug for you, okay?

Heidi said...

Happy Happy birthday! How coincidental is it that I am the great, great, great-something granddaughter of someone who signed the Declaration of Independence too!?

Hey, do they not have flour and eggs and sugar in Germany? I certainly remember cake last time I was there. Find something and stick a candle in it and there you go!

I'll make a wish for you here on my end, too!

JKB said...

Deb, Thanks for the well wishes, it was a great day yesterday. Have your guides said anything about it??

Heidi and Heidi, you guys are great. Heidi, please give them a hug and a kiss...they are irritating, those spotted ones, but I lurve them.

Heidi, that is too frickin' cool! We should start a club! LOL

Heidi the Hick said...

I love it that you have collected "Heidi and Heidi" and that you can tell us apart!

So... what did you stick your birthday candle into? A streudel? A schnitzel?

JKB said...

LOL I can keep everyone separate...it's a skill. ROFL.

A small pint of Haagen Daaz Cookies and Cream ice cream.

Oh my, wuzitgud.

Stephen Parrish said...

Happy birthday, Jen. Any friend of cats is a friend of mine.