Friday, 27 June 2008

Great Moments in Technical Documentation

I don't know if I've ever said, but I'm a technical writer and editor in the day job. Love it. I'm allowed to be my slightly dorky, eclectic self, and it's a great job for a person with curiosity.

I won't ever talk much about my job other here other than to reiterate that my company is wayyy cool to work at. It's the best job outside of polo I've ever been at, no question. There's one other TW located in another country that I work with at my present job and we check in daily with each other for updates/status/questions, etc.

Today I was chit-chatting with him after a couple questions and somehow we got on the subject of being the "happy" face of documentation vs the "bad" face. I am the happy face. He is the bad. At some point, just to clarify, I said,

"So what...we're playing Good Doc, Bad Doc?"

I thought he was gonna die. And it only took me 5 seconds for this sparkling comeback.

We're making up a "best of 2008" list, and this one is right up there at the top, right after our Viking FAQ (don't ask - or if you realllly want to know, I'll make it another post). Possibly even before it.

Betcha never thought that technical writers were this kewl, huh?

Status: The query process continues. Starting work again on the present WIP but there is a thought in my mind that gives the WHAMMY to every other idea I've had so far. More as it develops!

Have a great weekend!

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