Monday, 23 June 2008


So here it is, Monday again. LOL. I'm going to go out there with a political post, and then it's back to regularly scheduled programming.

I spent the weekend making my frickin' query better. I'm done screwing with it for awhile. Honestly. Gonna send more out. 

And then the real world intrudes and reminds me hey, you know, life sucks for a lot of people. It makes my little query world look small. Man, last week was so uplifting with the news that LG couples could finally get married, and made me hope for the world. But this Mugabe dood

I mean come on, this is the 21st century! Life should have some aspect of fairness to it! It makes me sad. 

You can only hope he will get what's coming to him. But unfortunately I don't know if he will.

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