Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Tenner Rule

So I've made myself a new rule. Amongst all this madness, I've decided to allow myself 10 minutes after a rejection to whine and mope and cry, and then I sit up and send out a new one. 

It only takes one. 

And in the spirit of getting myself together, I started work on my present WIP that kind of crashed and burned during the time I aws working on the query and the agents...poor thing, she got left behind. But I reread what I've got and am really happy with her. While she won't take the place of Mira and the gang, she does hold her own spot in my heart, just for her curmudgeonly nature. (I can't believe I just used that word. LOL) 

Plus my super fav still has it (here's lookin' at you, chickie) so all is not lost. 


Your Germany Correspondent


cindy said...

great attitude, j!! GOOD LUCK!!!

JKB said...

thanks man. It's friends like you that keep me going! (And by friends all my buds that read this/here blog!)

Goin' to bed. :)

Heidi said...

about six months after being diagnosed with diabetes I completely broke down late one night while giving myself a shot. I'd been so nonchalant about the whole thing it shocked my husband and me. I gave myself permission to break down once every six months... to cry and whine and complain, and then move on.

I haven't cried about it since. Just knowing I was allowed to made it more bearable.

I don't get depressed over rejections anymore either. And if you always have another name in the wait, you always have hope!

My fingers are crossed for you!