Monday, 16 June 2008

This n that...

So the query process is ... going. What I'm going to keep a serious record of (thanks to one of the two agents I queried sending me a rejection realllll quick today) is what I send with what. I'm really interested to see if I get more requests for partials and fulls if they read the first five pages of my MS. 

I have the sinking sneaking feeling that they will. 

Which means my query is not good enough. So that means more brainstorming over the most efficient method of querying; do I keep going with this one for a while and potentially screw myself, or ... ? The questions remain. 

On a lighter note, Germany won tonight in the European Football Championship (that's soccer for you yanks LOL) tonight against Austria, 1 to 0!! Yay! This place is pandemonium...I rode the train home with scads of drunken germans singing off key hymns to their pantheon of football gods.

Do you want to know why I watch the national German team? 

Meet Mr. Michael Ballack. Mwroawr. 

Not quite as good as Mr Johnny Depp, but comes in a darn close second. Mr Depp of course tying with my ultra-yummy hubs. :) 

So hooray! I get to watch another game of Mr. Ballack getting all sweaty!! 


Heidi the Hick said...

Well I could be persuaded to watch that.

Querying is nerve wracking, but I'm convinced that some of us writer types are serious wacko masochists and you just know we'll keep going back for more. Like, I keep telling myself that I've only gotten 14 rejections and that's NOTHIN. so, I'll be back for more. Just can't get enough!

(Be stubborn! it's good for you!)

JKB said...

I'm trying. (See above post)

I hate being whiny, but its all so frickin' objective! GRRR

and lol about the watching.