Wednesday, 11 June 2008

TWO in ONE day...

Because I got some sleep. 

Thanks to a moderate panic attack, I did manage to make my query even more potentially awesome than before...My Awesome Crit Group and Real Life Published Authors and Those Who Have Certified Agents have all now had their chance to rip into my fleshy query (okay, it was too long) and pull out guts. 

Guts have been pulled out. Query is now sharper than a freshly-lipo'd celebrity. 

Now what? Editing is finished as of last night. W00T!!! I just sit and freak out? Or do I start to send? 

Decisions decisions. 

Edited to add: Husband has put his foot down concerning beginning to query beforesaid Monday. I am now to enjoy the weekend free of writing or editing *snort like that will happen* before Query Stress Hell. 



JenWriter said...

Send send send! (I'm a bad influence)

JKB said...

ok, it's on it's way! But I show you mine so you must show me yours! LOL

Heidi said...

send send send! I echo Jenwriter! I sent my first round of queries out on a Friday afternoon, about 2:00. I got a request immediately from Nathan, a request on Sunday from Folio, and a request Monday from Jessica Faust.

Of course, after that, most agents never got back to me, so there is always that. But at least I wasn't obsessing over the weekend about sending it.

Oh this is fun fun fun!

JKB said...

GET OUT!!! You didn't say a WORD@ about that!

Okay, I"ll send it over to you. See what you think! And send me yours!