Monday, 30 June 2008

Writer goals

I've been thinking about this during my whole query process. Why am I doing this?

On one hand, it's to get some recognition. My story is solid; not a normal fantasy epic (no elves, mages, etc) but is firmly based in myth...the myths that are a little, well, not the ordinary myths you'd find about a culture. 

Let's take Greece (why not, as a large part of the first of my story is centered there.) I've managed to pull out weird chunks of Greek myth that not every person might know, and that makes me happy - to put those babies in there to where people might want to do some searching after they finish the book. 

I'm one of those types...if I liked a book, I'll go online and search about it, the author, etc. 

So recognition for my story, definitely. I made a goal last night where I would like to be living off my books between five and ten years from now. It's a tall order, and requires some serious planning, but I believe it can be done. Skin must be tough to get what I can done, and hope for the rest. 

I'd love to meet some of the authors who have touched me. Neil Gaiman - of course, who wouldn't want to meet him? Jennifer Roberson, Naomi Novik, Jean Auel, Manda Scott...there are so many that are so cool. I would desperately try not to act like a total fangirl, but could you imagine? I can, and I would like to do it. 

On the flip side, I would love that my books had a following. People that liked them...looked behind the words for the hidden meanings, saw the videos in their heads as they read that I saw as I wrote, laughed and cried, had people they liked in the books as well as those they hated...felt hope, and were curious. Got all excited about the next book in the series...looked at what else I had written and read that in between. That would be so awesome. 

To keep having these flights of fantasy...I like nothing better than when a whisp of idea comes see a scene, or hear something that really gets you going. I love to research, and when I get something like that I'll often go online and read what I can about it in a couple hours, and then try to forget about it. Those whisps of story come back later fully fleshed out and excited, and then I can really get going on them. 

One of those happened today, and it is such a funny cool idea. Another fantasy but hey, I'm a fantasy grrl, awright? 

That's kind of it. Get my books fans, meet the cool people once or twice, and get to write all day. No fame requirements, real money requirements, etc. Just those simple things. 


What are your goals in writing?

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