Wednesday, 9 July 2008

And the pendulum has swung again...

The ueber-fantastic (and slightly Insaeeeene) agent Jenny Rappaport of the Lori Perkins Lit Agency has up a hum-dinger of a little gem:

personalized rejection letters! 

Tha's right...for a limited time (until the 23 of July) she will be forwarding any and all queries she gets (within her submission guidelines, go check them out) to a poor sweet gullible girl by the name of Jodi who shall read them and respond to you as to why she did not (or lets be fair, DID) like them. 

How about that!

I've already sent mine over. Check out those guidelines and if yours matches, send Jodi more work!

(Let us all not forget to be unfailingly professional and kind, and appreciate the feedback and not be nasty. I am so excited!)

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