Friday, 11 July 2008


Aw heck, don't mind me. 

Where the Red Fern Grows: 75K
Summer of the Monkeys: 88K
Old Yeller: 35K

All middle grade. 

Vyn got the beeyotch slap last night. I'm going to finish P and query her before I start with ole Vynnie. He needs more research, and I really want to read a particular book before I start, seeing as I need to have all my ducks in a row beforehand somehow for him. I can work on both; they are such different books I wouldn't have a problem with them, I think. 

SO that information you see up above? Research for P, or right now titled IKE in my computer. My critique group has given me good signals that I ought to go forward with it,,,and I do really love P and her problems and possum. So...I'm gonna do it while I wait to be able to buy my book I want. 

I know, I am SUCH a flake. Sue me. 


I'm gonna stick some pressure on. The book is there, waiting. P knows what she needs to do. I am becoming a slacker with all this QUERY business. 

So I'm going to give myself the next five weeks to get this MG out. 

THAT should keep me busy. 

bwa ha ha


TigerYogiji said...

Is this who I think this is?

Does the name "Ganesha" ring a bell?

JKB said...

jaja, Harroo, darlink!

You found me! I found you!


cindy said...

bring it!

good luck, j!!

/bootay shake! =D

JKB said...

Thanks, Cyn!

Anything to get me off the "what ifs" of the partials out there (as well as those damnable queries).

I was going slowly nuts with bells.