Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The inmates have taken over the asylum...

After a bunch of thought, my new big idea wins out. 

I'm going with the one that has taken over my thought processes. I love it. So different than Mira and the gang, but Vyn is quite his own person. Or dwarf. 

whoops. Enough of that. Suffice to say that it is quite an idea with lots of depth to it...and a whole new world to dream up. Very cool. :)

So now he's free to tell me his story, I anticipate the floodgates opening here soon. After I get all the prior details down, of course. 

I love love love this the beginning, when everything is so fresh and new, and parts of the whole keep coming at you at all hours. Last night I woke up at 2 to write down something that had to be noted, it's gone back to those happy days of lugging my red bible around (with all my world building stuff, Mira's bits are in there too) for those moments of inspiration. 

I have quite a bit, though. It seems like after I really decided to go with it, last night everything really started coming together.

How are your stories coming along? It seems like everyone is swamped with life right now. I hope you're keeping your head above water!

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Heidi said...

Ha ha! I love the title of this blog!

Hurray for Vyn! I'm excited for you, because being passionate about what you write makes it such an awesome journey! (It also makes the waiting on queries thing much easier!)

I'm barely keeping my head above water. Not writing as much as I'd like, but I've been mulling, and I think that's been good for the pacing and direction of the book.

Now, on to the writing!