Wednesday, 9 July 2008

No Good Day


You ever have that sort of day? Nothing is going wrong, but nothing is really going right. It's rainy. I'm in training and it's really taking all my brain. I am waiting waiting WAITING for responses, and it is killing me slowly with an extremely sharp object in an uncomfortable spot. Nothing, I repeat nothing is going right. 

I hate whining, but today is a whining day. 

Mai pashens, it iz thin. 

I'm trying to think of this all positively. It's raining, so it will be lovely and green. The waiting is better than a no. The training will help me accomplish my job better. The running this morning will help make me stronger and fitter. Waiting is good for me, teaching me patience. 

If it isn't painful to achieve, it's not worth it.

I have said that so many times to myself I think it's imprinted on my neural pathways. 

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