Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Once upon a time, a LOLCAT story

By blue-cat and my little cat, because JKB has afried brain. 


Whiskas iz mai muzeek, babee:

I kum wit u?

Den I wuz a hobo, libin in de bag.

Hard wurk iz hard.

I can haz de tael. Oh yesssss, it is maen.


Heidi the Hick said...

Okay so I've looked at this, like, 3 times now. I love those critters!!! You have TWO DOGS TOO???


And all I can think of is how little pet hair you sweep up. Man, I have got tumbleweeds around here, with four long haired people and a cat who doesn't bother grooming himself anymore and a dog who seems to have a Follicle Release System.

What breed of dog are they? Besides adorable?

JKB said...


No, the dogs live downstairs with the parents. But they often come up to hang out when they have to go somewhere. And everyone gets along...except for the black cat (as you can see) he wreaks havoc. :))

They are Azawakh, a breed of sighthound from the Sahel in Africa. i've had them over 15 years, but then the Sphynx came....

So yup, they only blow their coat twice a year, which is much nicer than hair clumps everywhere. LOL!!

THX though for the compliments on them! They are dear things.