Thursday, 10 July 2008


I had something pithy today,  but I can't get it down to what I want so I'll just provide status updates. 

QUERY: Going. Waiting on some super-kewl agents that have asked for bits (BIG) and waiting on their responses. Lucky dust!

VYN: Moving along. He's a real twit sometimes, and I can say that. I am really relating to Heidi's post concerning characters and insanity. He has his own way of telling this story, and if I want to do it another way it simply does not work. Other stories were much more flexible, and really allowed me to work it out. But not with him. He's stubborn as a mule and it's his way or the highway.

On principle, I agree with this and can condone it. But what he wants is a real dark fantasy and there's no, I repeat no, YA to this at all. And to be honest I'm a little worried about that. 

(OK, a lot worried)

I've done all the reading I can do though, and my running just gives me hints of this and that. I realize that I'm ready to start but I'm terrified. This is a big stretch. 

I love it though, and I'm going to do it his way. Once I get my ovaries in hand. 


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Debbi said...

Thats wonderful news.