Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vat to do?

So I've got myself a dilemma.
I've got three ideas. One dilemma. The three are the second Mira book, my possum book (10K in now), and my New Friend. He came around on the weekend and I've been stuck on him for awhile. But it's interesting, see, because his story and world draw me in on a level that Mira and her group did while the poor little possum languishes, waiting. So the attention factor is much higher (AND it's an Adult Fantasy, and not YA, which is also cool...)
My dilemma?
I realize I shouldn't be writing much of the second Mira book until I find my agent. I've written quite a bit, though: I know the name, I know the basics of the front of the plot, I know someone close to me is going to die in it, and everyone (all my little personalities LOL) is pretty into it. I've used it as an excuse to get some rocking research books (Poems of the Eddas, anyone?) and generally just love it. (Actually I've got all the books plotted out but don't plan them very actively, they just occur. I'm a pantser)
But the possum book has been in my mind for so long! It's a labor of love really, not one in my "normal" area of writing...it's a true story (mostly) with not a whit of fantasy included in it. The girl, P, is really interesting, don't get me wrong, but I like me some fantasy and the poor girl ain't got it. She's got real world problems, real world desires and confusions, and a little possum that is a darling.
But then there's my new buddy Vyn. He's come crashing in the way his kind always do, with a BIG problem on his hands that's got him a little befuddled, and would I mind terribly helping him out? Normally I would say heck NO, bring it on pal, but he really has a big problem. ;) And his type don't have much on the internet about them, so it's digging through old manuscripts, haunting the Gutenberg project and what German websites (gasp!) I can try. It's a cool story, and one that does not involve saving the fricking world, which it seems every fantasy book I've read lately deals with (shoot even mine but of course I have an original take), so it's fresh. He's fresh, and funny and growly, and very German, really.
So here, dear readers, is the dilemma. Do I drop the poor possum, laeving him to his devices in Gunther while I continue working on Vyn? Do I tell Vyn to take a seat and wait while I finish P? I hesitate to leave him behind, and to be honest deep down I feel him coming in to take over.

What would you do?

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Heidi said...

I'd go with my heart. I've been there. I have this great book I've been talking about writing for a year... one which I think would be amazing and which I love on an intellectual basis.... but which, when I sit to write, flounders.

Then Babs came along. I put her off a while. I debated. I tried to stay the course on my other book. But in the end, I realized the other book will always be there if I want to go back to it. But my heart was crying to write Babs.

And I couldn't be happier. Because instead of dreading staring at the empty screen and wondering why the passion just isn't there, I can't wait to write.

Go with the character that is screaming the loudest. The others will still be there if you decided to go back.