Monday, 28 July 2008

What I'm doing right now...

  • Writing the last two chapters of Ike. 
  • Listening to ABBA on youtube (so seriously cool)
  • Looking outside at the colors of the sky as the sun goes down
  • Dancing around because I got *another* partial request on Possum Summer. Evidently, it rox!
  • Running into the bathroom after I was dancing around. *must not move stomach*
  • Skyping a buddy 
The end. A really, really nice evening, bar the stomach problems. 


zmq said...

stomach problems? immer noch? poor you, get better soon! I'll miss you @work.

Kaneda said...

Dude if you can listen to ABBA then better listen to Morcheeba, way cooler (although ABBA is stylish too)
Check out mah blog every now and then since I'm updating it more frequently nao.

Heidi the Hick said...

That's a good way to spend an evening!! (other than the running to the bathroom. Maybe dance by moving only arms so that your belly doesn't feel upended.)

Heidi said...

a great end to a seriously cool day!

Have you taken that preg test already?? :)

JKB said...