Saturday, 12 July 2008

The WORD-A-THON (Are you in?)

I have set out the following challenge! 

In an effort to get my butt done with P, in order to query her, and get the rough draft done entirely (see the post right underneath this one) I have made a challenge to my fellow critique partners - and they have accepted with alacrity! They are so brave! 

It is simply this - in the next five weeks, get up to either 50k words (or as close as you can get to it) or get a rough draft query of your present WIP done (or, BOTH for you over achievers). 

And so far two of my buddies have accepted! 

Here is the kicker : if you do it, and keep a record of how many words you've done during these five weeks (and you send me your address) I'll send you some German chocolate! 

MMMMMMM chocolate.

So there it is! Interested? Either drop me a mail or put a comment in!

It's ON!


JenWriter said...

Well, I've got about 37k left of my current WIP, and I've given myself a deadline of two weeks from today to get the first draft done. Yes, I am insane. Can I get some chocolate if I make it? :)

JKB said...



Heidi said...

insanity apparently comes attached to the writing gene.

You know I'm in. I'll keep it posted on my blog. The goal is to write so much I don't have time for second guessing myself.

Good luck on yours! Thanks for the challenge. I needed someone to kick my butt. Summers are hard for me.