Wednesday, 16 July 2008

WORD-A-THON update

832 words today.

Getting back up to speed. 

More importantly, got the rest of the book figured out basically and what comes next can now be decided by the ultra-sensitivo P.



JenWriter said...

I've got about 1,500 done so far tonight, but I'm still chugging along. Hopefully I can meet my goal! If not, I've got the rest of the week and the weekend to catch up.

Go word-a-thon!

Elizabeth said...

great on getting words done today...0 for me. ;-(

Heidi said...

hip hip hooray! Sometimes the figuring it all out is more important than the actual word count.

Hope this means you are feeling better!

JKB said...

Heidi, I'm feeling much better, thanks! :)

Jen, you are my hero. GO word-a-thon, indeedy!!

Elizabeth, hi and welcome to the blog!! How are you doing so far??

Elizabeth said...

HI, thanks for stopping by my blog.

You asked about my query. My query (when i was sending it out) was actually getting a lot of attn. It's been a few years since I've sent anything out (medical treatments, pregnancy, now having a toddler) was when they'd get sample pages that things were gong sour. MSS was NOT ready to go out into the world of agents yet. But...I'm sure once I get ready to query again I'll tweak it depending on how much the novel changes. I have had several agents (at workshops) look at it and love it though so I am at least happy about that. :-)

I have gone to Absolute write...but haven't for quite some time. I need to do it again.