Thursday, 17 July 2008

Word-A-THON update

1,937 today. Might have been more if I wouldn't have fallen asleep over my computer in the train. 


But totally back to good now, thanks everyone for asking. How are you all coming along?

It looks like I'm on the quick slide down...three more major scenes and this is it. But, to be fair, I've thought about this book for the past 20 years...just never got around to it. I think certain things had to fall in place in order for me to be able to write it. 

I also got a pretty good query done on it, I think...I'm missing a sentence at the end, and nothing online is helping me. I am gonna ruminate on it more until I get it *just right*. 

Maybe by the end of the month I'll have something together. 


JenWriter said...

I'm so pooped. I have three chapters left and the epilogue. I'll be done tomorrow night.

I wrote 6k last night. Agh! It's going to be about 5k shorter than my goal, but I can flesh things out with the editing of the second draft.

Shoot my your query letter. I've got mine written as well. We can exchange notes.

Heidi said...

Fantabulous! I haven't even started my query. Whenever I think about it my brain gets a cramp.. It's hard enough trying to get 50,000 words done!

Today is very slow for me... lots of research slogging me down.

You Jens are kicking my butt!

(But in a good, motivational kind of way)

JenWriter said...

I'm now trying to rush through this quicker than originally planned. An agent wants to take a look...charge ahead!

JKB said...

Jen, how exciting! I will be waiting for your report of how it did!

Heidi, I think Jen is kicking my butt too...but we can do it!