Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Your writing habits?

So, I was thinking today of the weird little things I do as a writer when I'm in thrall to a book. For instance, Heidi likes to write in a particular place, Jen likes to listen to one particular song...the list goes on. 

What do I do? 

I have one particular thing I wear or keep on me the entire time the book is in progress. For Brio, it was a bull charm. For Mira, (oddly enough) it was a kokopelle keyring. 

For Vyn?

Looks like I'll use a runic ring I have. 

It's really funny to think that I must have it, but for some reason I get real antsy when I do anything without my little good luck charm. 

I'm getting geared up to start Vyn next week, so I'm getting excited! Research is almost done. I wish I had a particular book, but that shall have to wait. 

So, what funny things do you do for writing?


Heidi said...

At least we don't leave on the same pair of smelly undies like athletes do!

The routine really helps me. The place, for sure.

When I was in college it was a bag of chocolate covered graham crackers. Every time I sat at the typewriter to pound out another story for creative writing classes. An entire bag.

Of course, I was young and walked fifteen miles a day across campus and ran four miles for fun and worked out at the gym, so I never gained a pound. That definitely isn't an option now!

Debbi said...

I have a group of songs I listen too. I change them up during the writing as the mood changes in and for me. And headphones are a must. Other wise the distractions drive me crazy.

JKB said...

LOL I never was able to write while listening to music, It kills me. I get all distracted and can't do it. How is your book going, Deb?

Heidi, that chocolate is sounding reallll good right now. Think I'll go to the shop and buy some. P is putting up a fight and my mind feels like a battleground today.