Saturday, 2 August 2008

A german wedding is to writing like a ..

So yesterday, the hubs and I were at a german wedding. 

First, a short explanation. This is the first German wedding I've been to (outside of our own, which was technically not a German wedding because I had a hand in it and we were strict about what would and would not happen.)

But it got me to thinking on the way home about Agents. (haha, everything leads me to thinking about agents, really). 

You know, like a buffet, or the way you handled a particular mode of , say, decoration? YOU might love it, but to everybody else it just brings up a big "WTF?" Same with agents. Or the way you introduced a singer to the evening, or announced to everyone "THE BUFFET IS PREPARED" like a cattle pen, well, then. Not really with agents, but maybe they didn't like your characters or how you introduced and developed them. 

Some agents will like your book and think it's outstanding, other agents will turn around and say WTF before sending you the noez of the super-power return. 

I had a really great time with the hubs, and that's about it. I don't think I need any more German weddings. And I can sympathize with agents better now, too. 

**edited to add that not all German weddings are bad. Just this one. I wouldn't want to make any sweeping generalizations. *cough***

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Anonymous said...

So you finally did it and opened your blog for those none-blogger, none-openID hacks as me ... cheers! But err I wanted to point out that no, German weddings are not always bad, they become as bad as yours when the German couple tries to have a dream wedding AMERICAN style. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean reality, but pink-sweet-princess-doves-layer-cake-movie-and-TV-show style. That can never work, obviously.


PS. Try to think about something different than agents once, you seem so stressed lately ...