Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A horse is a horse of course of course...

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So I'm doing research for the book after Possum Summer when my brain gets fried of doing editing on Possum Summer (to keep it fresh, you know). One of the best things I'm doing is researching horses. (I'm going to use that as an excuse to post horse pictures today.)

Now, I'll be straight up honest with you. I love horses. Love them. Have had them ever since I managed to irritate my parents enough that they borrowed an old appaloosa from a friend of theirs just to shut me up. (I know one of my first words was horse, and I didn't stop until I had one for myself.) 

From that inauspicious beginning (her name was Buffy and she was a cow, but I did learn alot) I did Western, moved to english and jumped, did dressage and cross country and then that most elegant and sporty of all sports, polo. (And that got me a flat during university and a collegiate sport.)

But the appaloosa horse itself holds a special place in my heart. And in searching for pictures of "my" horse that will be in the second book, I ran across a breed that is relatively new. Basically probably technically a cross breed: the Nez Perce horse. It's a cross between the ancient akhal teke (A gorgeous breed) and Appaloosas, and if you're lucky you get a metallic-sheen to a spotted coat.

An example:

Halhelooya, from Alpha Omega ranch. Niiice.

Or Orion, also from Alpha Omega. Makes my heart melt.

Of course, I'm also very very fond of the Spanish Mustangs. I love the book by Ms Henry, "San Domingo, Medicine Horse Stallion." Big book for me when I was little. Big.

Anyway, the man that almost singlehandedly saved the Spanish Mustangs in the US, a Mr. Brislawn, bought some land and had many spanish mustangs, and his descendants now work cattle on the land and breed from the descendants of his ponies.  

The Cayuse Ranch is a great place if you're drooling for an authentic piece of the old west. It's a daily stop of mine, just to drool over the horses. (I am a sucker for a long mane!)

This little man fits my idea of Dusty, the pony who's gonna be in Texas Fall, almost to a T. Doesn't he have the sweetest face ever? 

He's technically a blue roan appaloosa stud colt with a bald face. *drools*. (I would buy him in a red minute if I could get hubs to agree to it, although they tend to top out at 14 hands. I could use my legs to help him move along.) I lurve him. 

Of course, now that I'm older and have the experience, I'd probably just buy a foal, train it up my way and make it nice and to stick and ball, able to do endurance, take a trail ride...the days of competitive polo or anything are long gone, but I want to be able to do the things I love on 'em. 

An Akhal teke is quite likely, if we stay in Europe: 

Man I love them. Long and rangy and just brilliant, just like I like 'em.

Maybe a Lusitano, but they are expensivo. Not long and rangy but all curvy and beautiful. From Vintage Iberia. com
But let's be realistic here, right? *snort*. Right across the border of Holland you can get a Freisian for about nada, which is not the case in the states. Have you seen one?

Once carriage horses, I doubt tho I'd be able to do endurance with 'em. Pity. They are sooo lovely.

Oh well. Now I have oogled enough to go tackle another chapter. Onward and upward!


Heidi said...

These are gorgeous animals! There is something so majestic about them.

I love this post... I learned so much about you! You played polo in college, eh? Verrrrrryyyyyy interesting....

Heidi the Hick said...

Ooh You've done a lot in the horse world!

I have to recommend an Arab or Arab cross if you want to do endurance. My red gelding would do a 4 hour trail ride at a trot - not a nice little western jog- and come back to the trailhead all sparkly eyed and ready for the day. Freak. Damn I loved him!

My App gelding is 15 h and he's the biggest horse I've owned! It's a breed just full of controversy though. It seems Appaloosa people all have different ideas of what the horse should be. My mare's dam was 1/2 QH. No idea what Phoenix's breeding is though. He's got spots and freckles and striped hooves so I'm assuming he's Appaloosa.

Friesians are $$$ here too. Shame, I think it'd be a nice horse for my big man. I would like to get him a Canadian some day. They're not very tall but stocky and tough.

Okay I could go on all day and I really should be painting a closet... and querying....!

JKB said...

I did. ;) I almost went pro, because it was the most fun of anything I've EVER done - except for really becoming serious about the writing. That gives me a much bigger thrill...and then, it's also a little safer.


I always go over to Heidi TH to check her ponies out. Lurves dem.

JKB said...

You know, HTH, you can query, but you need a beautiful break every once in awhile...vizavi, die ponies. :)

I'd thought about an Arab, but the Akhals have endurance to spare AND they are tall. I'm 6'1" and big boned, so I needs a pony that will not make me look a ridiculous idiot up on it. (Which is unfortunately why the spanish mustsangs are out, I'm afraid)

So like 15 hands and UP.

Heidi the Hick said...

really, you're 6'1"? Wow, you don't sound that tall...

(hee hee)

JKB said...